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Finance, banking, insurance

Speed, detail, trust

LOQUAX invites you to taking advantage of the services of our translators and our consultants who specialize in oral and written translations in the areas of finance, banking, accounting and insurance. The experience of our trained staff and the worked out logistics of services ensure that projects accomplished in cooperation with LOQUAX meet the highest quality standards in terms of correctness, as well as service.

Our clients:

Among many others, our offer has been taken up by:

  • financial institutions and organizations
  • insurance firms
  • firms and corporations
  • tax offices
  • associations
  • consulting firms specializing in the subject of finance
  • universities and scientific workers
  • individual clients in need

Examples of types of specializations and documents:

  • auditing
  • banking
  • business plan
  • econometrics
  • financial institutions
  • public financing
  • association financing
  • escrow accounts
  • trade markets
  • information technology-financial and accounting systems
  • control
  • credits
  • accounting/book-keeping
  • banking law
  • financial law
  • law of paper obligations
  • insurance law
  • mailing prospectus
  • meeting minutes of overseeing councils
  • bank accounting
  • insurance accounting
  • market reports
  • capital and money market
  • financial reports
  • insurance
  • credit agreements
  • purchase agreements
  • leasing agreements
  • sale agreements
  • enterprise valuation
  • market management
The simplest method to receive an advantageous, fast, and reliable price quote is to provide us with the source material that is to be translated to the particular foreign language and to be localized in that language.

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Please direct all questions to the email address office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com
Phone contact +48 81 740 16 08
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