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Phone:+48 81 740 16 08
Fax:+48 81 533 86 91
Email: office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com

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Over 35 thousand translators and language consultants worldwide...

Currently, within the national and international resources that we offer, there are over 35 000 translators and specialists. Thanks to the established and meticulously managed procedures of selection and verification, LOQUAX supports even the most specialized and demanding language projects. These are always accomplished on time and within agreed budget.

According to our accepted and rigourously applied development strategy, LOQUAX is working on its ever-increasing and improved human resources in the areas of languages and cultures. This process is directed towards the deepening of specializations, as well as the widening of the range of competence of the translators of written materials, of conference translators, of editors and experts in various subjects.

Who do we work with?

We work with:

  • Text translators
  • Conference translators
  • Text editors
  • Specialized text verifiers
  • Editors
  • Software testers
  • Consultants-specialists
  • International coordinators
  • IT specialists
  • Graphic designers

Verification of resources

The key mission of every organization in building broad, specialized virtual teams are profiled according to the needs of particular projects and missions, is the management of an effective, deepening, and organized verification of the skills of particular specialists. This verification mainly refers to the following areas:

  • Experience and acquired skills
  • Education and acquired specialized knowledge
  • Personal characteristics – concientiousness, punctuality, detail orientation, decisiveness and availability
  • Cultural adaptation – which is important especially in the work in international teams

The services provided by LOQUAX assume working within an established team of experts, but also assume the need to continuously create new teams adaptable to the requirements of individual projects. Thanks to our well-worked procedures and our ongoing long-term efforts, LOQUAX has obtained an unbelievable level of brand readiness, characterizing the most conceptually and organizationally advanced providers of language services in the world.

In working with LOQUAX, you can count on the full application of our existing specialized language resources towards satisfying your needs.

The simplest method to receive an advantageous, fast, and reliable price quote is to provide us with the source material that is to be translated to the particular foreign language and to be localized in that language.

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Please direct all questions to the email address office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com
Phone contact +48 81 740 16 08
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