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Phone:+48 81 740 16 08
Fax:+48 81 533 86 91
Email: office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com

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Specialist translations

Professional translation for firms and institutions

LOQUAX offers translations of all types of texts and materials – corporate, technical, marketing, government, and literary. The range of our offer is very wide, yet is, at the same time, adopted to the needs of individual projects, the subject of the particular text and to the clients' requirements. Based on real experience, LOQUAX's service procedures allow effective and optimal (quality-wise and price-wise) accomplishment of specialized translations.

Company materials

We have dealt with:

  • internal documents
  • agreements
  • training materials
  • legal documents
  • commercial correspondence
  • forms
  • business plans
  • financial reports
  • notarized documents
  • power of attorney documents
  • data bases
  • corporate documents
  • trade documents
  • advertising materials
  • Internet sites
  • product catalogues
  • other documents

Technical documentation

Among other items, we have provided:

  • technical norms
  • user instructions
  • maintenance instruction
  • patents
  • specifications
  • technical drawings (CAD)
  • equipment programming
  • equipment schematics
  • parts catalogues
  • audit documentation
  • quality assurance system documentation
  • certified materials
  • articles from trade magazines
  • other items


We have worked with:

  • tourist guides
  • scientific literature
  • books
  • scientific articles
  • press articles
  • encyclopedias
  • how-to books
  • other materials
The simplest method to receive an advantageous, fast, and reliable price quote is to provide us with the source material that is to be translated to the particular foreign language and to be localized in that language.

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- translation and localization

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- interpretation

Please direct all questions to the email address office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com
Phone contact +48 81 740 16 08
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