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Languages and Markets

True Globalization through Multi-language Capability

Having access to multi-language capability and translation services is one of the key tools towards real globalization, not only for firms and institutions, but also for individuals. Global language and cultural differences are one of the steps that humanity has to overcome on the way to effective communication, and in this respect, mutual exchange of current data, as well as the transfer and distribution of advanced knowledge, requires conquering a language barrier that is more genuine in the real world than are territorial barriers. Hence, common sense, as well as multiple studies, show that potential users and consumers, given a choice, almost always select products described in their own language. In meeting the global needs and expectations of our clients, LOQUAX offers its services in over 150 of the world's languages.

Languages of Western Europe

LOQUAX provides translation and localization services from any European language to any other European language. Translations from, for instance, Italian to German, or from English to French constitute our daily activity...

Languages of Central Europe

We have gained our particular expertise by providing translations from languages of Western Europe to the languages of Central and Eastern Europe.
Throughout our many years of doing business, we have accomplished hundreds of thousands of pages of translations to and from Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croation, Bosnian, Slowenian, and Hungarian.

Services most often provided

LOQUAX translations most accomplished include the following languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech and Japanese...

Translation to/from Japanese

LOQUAX possesses a far reaching base of translators of various specializations providing services in Japanese and in English.

Translation to/from Chinese

Over 500 Chinese language translators specialize in technical, medical, legal and financial translations.

Within existing possibilities, LOQUAX has also gathered language expertise in languages lesser known in Europe. Among these are the languages of India, Africa and Asia. Translations to languages such as Urdu, Dinka, Uzbek, Tatar..., because of a limited translator base are mostly done through the intermediate use of the English language.

If you have any questions please contact us.
The simplest method to receive an advantageous, fast, and reliable price quote is to provide us with the source material that is to be translated to the particular foreign language and to be localized in that language.

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Please direct all questions to the email address office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com
Phone contact +48 81 740 16 08
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