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Translation of advertising and marketing texts

Creative translation

In providing text translations for advertising purposes, one needs to keep in mind the criteria of understanding applied by the target audience in the country or countries of a given language. In this respect, marketing texts are not developed as a result of the simple procedure of detailed direct translation, but have to undergo additional language development or be edited by an editor as well-versed in using the language of a particular market, as his or her own native language. The translator, as well as the editor, must, therefore, understand perfectly the local realities and the specifics of the product. This describes the people of LOQUAX.

Effectiveness of creative translation

It is important to remember that the evaluation of the quality and the effectiveness of the advertising material is always done by the potential receiver and client from the country in which the given material is to be “presented”. Attempts to create advertising texts closely following the source material that was created in a media sphere of another language are doomed to failure. In practice, such texts, as read by the ultimate users, are often awkward or, in the worst scenario, hard to understand and not convincing at all. If you want to avoid the many pit-falls connected with the preparation of all types of promotional materials when expanding into foreign markets, we recommend that you take advantage of our services.

Types of services

LOQUAX offers:

  • creative translation
  • exact translation in preparation for further editing
  • creation and editing of texts by editors from the media sphere of the country of the target audience
  • testing advertisement material by users from target markets
  • cultural support in advertisement creation
  • translation of books and articles in the area of marketing theory
  • localization of advertising materials in any media
  • multilingual internet services
  • translation of lecture materials
  • translation of wording in film materials
  • dubbing
  • preparation of dialogue lists from audio/video materials

In working with LOQUAX, you can be assured that your texts and visual marketing materials will be fully placed within, and applied towards the needs of a given target market.

We invite you to use our specialized translation and consulting services.

The simplest method to receive an advantageous, fast, and reliable price quote is to provide us with the source material that is to be translated to the particular foreign language and to be localized in that language.

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Please direct all questions to the email address office|małpa|loquaxtranslations.com
Phone contact +48 81 740 16 08
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